post by Franklin Einspruch: Julie Weiman at Bromfield Gallery 2011:

Artscope Magazine, November/December 2011

Exhibitions at South End Boston galleries in the 450 Harrison Avenue complex jumped right out at us to start the month of November: Julie Weiman’s “Wicked Lemonade” and Julie Vinette’s “The Color of Light” which run from November 2-26 at the Bromfield Gallery, 450 Harrison Avenue, Boston. Of Weiman, artscope’s Elizabeth Michelman wrote, “She has an abstract technique of layering and scraping, mysterious depth, exuberant yet disciplined color, surprising accidents of pigment and texture, interesting similarities to German painter Gerhard Richter.”

The Improper Bostonian, November 2-15, 2011

Scratching the Surface, Dividing Lines

Despite the linear nature of Julie Weiman’s paintings, her style is anything but straightforward. Drawing inspiration form pop art, abstract expressionism, and Navajo weaving, Weiman’s multicolored, mixed-media lines interlace history and textures. In an oblique reference to her suburban childhood, Weiman adds and subtracts sections of canvas to hint at complexities beneath the surface. See her latest exhibit, Wicked Lemonade, at the Bromfield Gallery through November 26.

Boston Globe June, 2010....Cate McQuaid

A Different Stripe

Julie Weiman and Julie Vinette’s two-person show at Bromfield Gallery pairs Weiman’s emotionally charged stripe paintings with Vinette’s deceptively sweet and airy grid-based drawings.Most of Weiman’s works, such as “Still, twenty five,’’ have clean white vertical stripes forming a screen over a bright, hard-to- contain under-painting. She counterbalances these with white-covered pieces sporting a handful of stripes in one color. In “Still, four’’ it’s lavender. What’s on the surface, and what’s beneath it, peeking through? Weiman doesn’t answer, nor should she. In “Still, twenty five,’’ a couple of sloppy blue and mauve streaks brute their way over the white stripes. Life is messy that way.