Julie Weiman is a Boston artist who creates abstract paintings of lines.  Her work explores color, light and space, and the emotional intensity that can be created with the simplest shapes. She strives for a lustrous surface, which, in her words, feels a little bit fragile, a little bit ruined, and very much alive. The surface of each painting on panel has a minimum of six layers of acrylic medium, rice paper, and gesso before the paint is applied. The subsequent process involves both adding and sanding the paint and media resulting in a multilayered accumulation of paint that demonstrates her devotion to the process of mark making.

She was born in California, has lived all over the world, and currently resides with her family and large dog outside of Boston. Her childhood mentor was a weaver and printmaker and she continues to be inspired by textiles from the Southwest and the Caucasus.

She is represented by the Bromfield Gallery in Boston and by dealers in Massachusetts, Florida, and California.